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Don’t Let Fear Keep You From A Healthy Smile

March 4, 2019

If you have dental anxiety, you’re not alone. Some studies show that over 50% of Americans have at least some kind of fear of the dentist. While most people are not prevented from seeing the dentist due to nervousness, some patients have more severe forms of anxiety that can stop them from getting the oral care they need. How can you break this cycle? At Southington Dentistry, Dr. Salesky focuses on caring, informative dentistry, and uses modern sedation techniques to provide oral care in a comfortable, relaxed environment.  

We Treat Each Patient As An Individual – And You’re In Control!

One of the biggest causes of dental anxiety is a feeling of loss of control. Sitting in the dentist’s chair may feel scary because you have no control over what’s happening. At Southington Dentistry, Dr. Salesky is always happy to accommodate patients who feel anxious. He will ask you about your “triggers,” such as dental drills, needles, and any other things that may make you feel anxious, and develop a plan to help you overcome these fears. During your treatment, you’re always in control. If you need us to stop for a moment, or you have another special request, we’ll do everything we can to fulfill it. We take the time to get to know you as a person and understand your preferences. This can help us mitigate your dental anxiety, even without any sedative treatments.

We Offer Sedation To All Of Our Patients

If you have a more significant case of dental anxiety, or you simply would like to be able to relax in the dentist’s chair, we offer sedation options that can help. Minimal inhaled sedation is often used for those with mild-to-moderate dental anxiety. During treatment, laughing gas is pumped through a nose mask. You’ll feel more relaxed, happy, and carefree during your treatment, mitigating the effects of anxiety. Dosage is carefully controlled by Dr. Salesky, throughout your procedure, and the effects wear off after about 5 minutes, so you can drive yourself home. Oral conscious sedation is also a good alternative. You can simply take a sedative pill before your procedure, and your level of consciousness will be reduced. You may forget about what happened during the procedure, or even fall asleep. This is ideal for patients who have severe dental anxiety. However, you will feel more groggy after your procedure, and won’t be able to drive yourself home, so make alternative travel arrangements.

Get Caring, Personal Dentistry In A Judgment-Free Zone

Dr. Salesky prides himself on providing caring dentistry for patients who may be avoiding the dentist due to dental anxiety. At our office, we’ll never judge you for being anxious, and we pledge to always deliver personalized, compassionate dentistry. Contact us today at (860) 628-5029, or stop by our office to schedule your consultation at 15 Cornerstone Ct #3a, Plantsville, CT 06479. Whether you’re in Plantsville, Wolcott, or Southington, we’re here to help!

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