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Do Cavities Need To Be Filled Even If I Don't Feel Pain?

July 30, 2020

You may suspect that you have a cavity in Southington, Plantsville, or Wolcott. But maybe you don’t feel any pain or discomfort. Is it really necessary to come to Southington Dentistry for an appointment with Dr. Salesky, and to have your cavity filled? Continue reading this blog to find out the answer, and to see why filling cavities early is so important.

You Need To Get A Filling Even If You Don’t Feel Pain Or Discomfort

The answer is “yes.” If you have a cavity, you need to have it filled as soon as possible, even if you don’t feel pain or discomfort. In most cases, cavities do not cause any pain until they’re very deep and large. But that doesn’t mean your cavity isn’t a big deal. The longer you leave it untreated, the more likely you are to experience pain and discomfort in the future, and you could even face further complications like a tooth infection. 

How Will I Know If I Have A Cavity If I Don’t Experience Pain?

Even if you don’t have a toothache, cavities can cause tooth sensitivity, so pay attention to how your tooth feels when you eat hot and cold foods, or very sugary foods. If you feel sensitivity, you may have a cavity.  You may even notice visual signs of a cavity, in some cases. If you see a dark brown or black stain on a tooth, it’s likely decayed. You may also notice a visible hole or pit in the tooth’s surface. However, some cavities may not have any symptoms at all, so you won’t be able to determine if you have a cavity on your own. That’s why frequent visits to a dentist like Dr. Neil Salesky are essential for your oral health. During your six month cleaning and oral exam, Dr. Salesky will be able to examine your teeth, recognize the signs of a potential cavity, and even take x-rays to look for hidden signs of decay. Seeing a dentist every six months is the best way to recognize and treat cavities early.

What Happens If I Don’t Get A Filling For A Cavity?

The cavity will get worse, and your tooth may eventually become infected and require treatment with root canal therapy and a dental crown. These treatments are more invasive, complex, and expensive, compared to a simple dental filling. Once a cavity has formed, it won’t go away on its own, and you shouldn’t ignore it, even if it’s not causing you pain and discomfort at the moment.  In fact, because cavities trap food debris and bacteria that would normally be cleaned away from your teeth when you brush, they can continue to become deeper and more severe, even if you are maintaining good overall oral hygiene.

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At Southington Dentistry, we can restore your tooth if you have a cavity, or provide you with an oral exam to look for potential signs of decayed teeth. If you think you have a cavity or are overdue for a teeth cleaning in Southington, don’t wait. Contact us online or give us a call at (860) 628-5029 to get the care you need.

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