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Can I Drive After Laughing Gas? And Other FAQs About Nitrous Sedation

May 13, 2021

Laughing gas is one of the most widely used sedatives in dentistry. Got questions about how it works, its side effects, or anything else related to the use of laughing gas in dentistry? Get answers now by reading these FAQs from Southington Dentistry. 

Can I Drive After Laughing Gas?

Yes! Unlike deeper methods of sedation, you can drive yourself home or even go back to work after you’re sedated with laughing gas during your dental appointment.  This is because your body processes laughing gas very quickly. As soon as Dr. Salesky stops administering laughing gas through your nose mask, its effects will start to wear off as you breathe in oxygen and the remaining laughing gas is metabolized into your bloodstream. Usually, you’ll feel 100% normal after about 5 minutes, and your motor skills, decision-making, and other abilities won’t be impaired at all, so you can drive right after your procedure is over. 

How Does Laughing Gas Sedation Work?

To begin the process, Dr. Salesky will simply place a comfortable mask over your nose. Then, he will adjust the nitrous oxide machine to send a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen through this nose mask. Just inhale through the mask, and you’ll start to feel the effects of laughing gas right away. Then, when your procedure is done, Dr. Salesky will stop the flow of laughing gas and send pure oxygen through the nose mask. This helps purge any remaining laughing gas and minimizes side effects after sedation. It’s just that simple! 

What Side Effects Can Laughing Gas Cause?

Your mental state will be completely normal a few minutes after your procedure ends, but you may experience some minor side effects that last a bit longer. These may include mild confusion, dizziness, or a headache. Nausea is also sometimes a side effect of laughing gas. The likelihood and intensity of nausea can be reduced by eating lightly before the procedure, and avoiding any big meals for a few hours afterward. 

Can I Get Laughing Gas During Any Procedure?

Yes! At Southington Dentistry, we offer laughing gas for all procedures, including teeth cleanings and oral exams. We’re dedicated to your comfort, so if you have dental anxiety or are just nervous about an upcoming procedure, let us know, and we’ll discuss your options for sedation.  We also offer oral conscious sedation at Southington Dentistry, which results in a deeper sedative state. This may be a better choice for oral surgeries like dental implant placement.

Can Anyone Get Laughing Gas Sedation?

Almost anyone can get laughing gas sedation. However, there are a few medical conditions and other factors that may interfere with your ability to be sedated safely. Before you’re sedated, Dr. Salesky will need to discuss your health history and the medications and supplements that you’re taking to ensure you can be sedated safely.

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