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Does Laughing Gas Get Me High? Explaining Nitrous Oxide At The Dentist

June 29, 2021

Nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas” was actually one of the first sedatives to be used in dentistry, with a history tracing back to the middle of the 19th century. But you may still not be sure what this gas is, how it works, or if it gets you “high.” Get the answers you need from Southington Dentistry. We’ll discuss whether or not laughing gas gets you high, and explain everything you need to know about nitrous oxide at the dentist.

Yes, Laughing Gas Gets You High – That’s The Point Of Using It!

If you’re wondering whether or not laughing gas affects your mental state and makes you “high,” the answer is “yes!” That’s the whole point of using it in dentistry. It alters your state of mind to help you feel calmer and more relaxed. Laughing gas is administered by a dentist along with oxygen in precise doses throughout your treatment, and you’ll breathe it in through a comfortable nose mask. Once you start breathing in the gas, you will likely feel light-headed, your body may tingle, and your arms and legs will feel heavy. Your state of mind will also be slightly altered. You may find the situation you’re in to be funny and giggle, hence the term “laughing gas.” Overall, you will experience a sensation of relaxation, comfort, and euphoria. This makes nitrous oxide perfect for most dental procedures at Southington Dentistry, especially if you’re nervous about seeing the dentist.

Laughing Gas Is Safe And Appropriate For Use On Patients Of All Ages

The idea of using a drug that gets you “high” may make you feel uncomfortable, but just like any other sedative used in a clinical setting, laughing gas is completely safe for use on patients of all ages at Southington Dentistry. It does not cause any harm to your lungs, brain, or any other part of your body, and it has very minimal side effects. Nitrous oxide at the dentist is safe, legal, and a very effective way to help you feel more calm, rested, and relaxed during your next procedure. Dr. Salesky will take great care of you if you opt for sedation with laughing gas.

The Benefits Of Choosing Laughing Gas Sedation At The Dentist

Wondering why you should choose laughing gas at the dentist instead of other methods of sedation, such as pill-based oral sedation? Here are a few benefits of choosing treatment with laughing gas.

  • You’ll stay conscious – You may feel a bit different, but you will still be completely conscious, and able to respond to commands from Dr. Salesky. In contrast, other sedatives may make you feel groggy or fall asleep.
  • Minimal side effects – Most patients experience only very minor side effects after sedation, such as a headache, nausea, dizziness, and confusion. Other sedatives have more prolonged and intense side effects.
  • Get back to your day-to-day routine – Nitrous oxide wears off after about 5 minutes after your treatment. You will no longer feel “high” at all, and will be fully capable of normal decision-making and operating a motor vehicle. That means you can get back to work, school, or your day-to-day routine. This is not possible with deeper methods of sedation dentistry.

Get The Treatment You Need From Southington Dentistry Today!

Whether you’re in Southington, Plantsville, or Wolcott, Dr. Neil Salesky is here to help you get the dental care you need. Laughing gas is ideal for patients with dental anxiety, or anyone who wants to feel more comfortable during their next dental appointment. To learn more and schedule an appointment, just contact us online or give us a call at (860) 628-5029.

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