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Implants vs. Crowns: What's Right for Me?

March 29, 2022

If you have dental damage or even missing teeth, the good news is that modern dentistry offers you many options to restore both the look and function of your smile.

Some dental procedures might seem very similar, but in actuality are used to address completely different issues. One example is that of implants and dental crowns. Many patients ask about the differences between these two procedures, and which would be most appropriate to address the dental issues they have.

Keep reading to find out which of the two is the better option for you.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are dental prosthetics used to replace a missing tooth. It usually consists of three different components:

  • The implant itself, a metal screw-like element that gets implanted into the jaw in place of the missing tooth;
  • The abutment, which is placed on top to provide a connection between the implant and the crown;
  • The dental crown, or the visible part of the implant.

As you might guess, dental implants are a good solution when either the natural tooth is missing entirely, or it needs to be extracted as a result of severe damage.

Understanding Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are also a type of dental prosthetic, though in this case the dental crown will be placed on top of the natural tooth to provide it protection and restore its strengths.

In the case of dental crowns, tooth extraction is not necessary. If your root is healthy and you simply need more support for the crown, this can be a great option to achieve this. Dental crowns are recommended, for instance, in patients with severe cavities. 

To clean a cavity, the dentist needs to remove the infected tissue from the tooth, and if they take too much, a dental crown can be necessary to preserve the full function and appearance of the tooth.

So Which Is for You?

The answer to this question generally depends on your specific dental health issues. If your tooth is missing altogether, then a dental implant is the only possible route to take. If the root is intense and healthy, you might only need a dental crown.

However, you should know that although you still have a root intact, it doesn’t mean a dental crown will fix your dental issue. Your dentist will get an X-Ray of your teeth to see the full extent of the damage, and if necessary, they may recommend a tooth extraction.

Still Wondering Which Procedure Is Right for You? Southington Dentistry Can Help

Southington Dentistry is here to help you access the dental treatments you need for a picture-perfect and healthy smile, whether it’s a dental crown, implant, or other procedures.

To get started, please book your first consultation with Dr. Neil Salesky, or call our office at (860) 628-5029 for more information about your dental health services.

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