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Is a Tooth Abscess an Emergency?

August 2, 2023

If you’ve noticed a tooth abscess recently, you may want to book an appointment with Dr. Neil Salesky as soon as possible.

A tooth abscess is a common sign that your body is fighting a tooth infection, which is also one of the most common things that lead people to seek emergency dental services in Plantsville.

If left unchecked, the abscess could result in serious complications for your oral health. Keep reading to learn how an abscess impacts you and when to seek emergency dental care in Southington.
What Is a Tooth Abscess?
A tooth abscess is a pocket filled with pus that forms above or below an infected tooth or a severely decayed tooth. However, untreated gum disease can also lead to abscess formation.

Usually, the abscess will look almost like a pimple. Most patients will also experience additional symptoms, such as:

• A toothache
• Heightened sensitivity to heat and cold
• Swelling around the gums
• Bad breath
• Tooth discoloration

Why Is an Abscess Considered a Dental Emergency?
A tooth abscess is a sign you need emergency dental care. Left untreated, the infection can spread to other tissues in your body, such as the gums, jaw bone, or sinuses if the abscess forms on the upper arch. Severe cases may also present with a fever.
How Is an Abscess Treated?
Dr. Neil Salesky will examine your teeth to determine the potential cause of the abscess. Based on this, you can expect any of the following treatments:

• Draining the abscess - A small incision is made into the abscess to drain the pus, after which the area is thoroughly washed;

• Root canals - If the tooth is badly infected, a root canal procedure will be used to remove all the infected tissue. If the infection is large enough, you may also need a dental crown to restore the tooth;

• Antibiotic treatment - For large infections that may have spread, you will need a few days of antibiotics before the tooth can be treated;

• Permanent extraction - Swift care with a tooth infection is imperative. If left untreated for too long, the integrity of the tooth could be compromised. In this case, the tooth will be extracted, and you’ll need additional treatment to replace it, such as a bridge or a dental implant.

The treatment plan for a dental abscess is personalized to suit your specific case, so you won’t know for sure how to treat it until Dr. Salesky can see you.

Get Emergency Dental Care at Southington Dentistry
If you’re dealing with a tooth abscess, infection, or any other oral health emergency, Dr. Salesky can help you access swift care that can remove your discomfort and restore your oral health.

Call our practice at (860) 628-5029 today for emergency oral care in the Southington, Plantsville, and Wolcott areas.

If you need a regular appointment, you can request a visit to Southington Dentistry online.


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