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No Insurance?

Make Your Smile Everything You've Ever Wanted and More!

Dental Healthcare Advantage

This plan is made with your best interest in mind! It includes 100% of your preventative care-cleanings, x-rays, and check-up exams~ with the benefit of no out of pocket cost! Making it affordable and easy for you to keep up with your routine appointments, and to obtain the optimal dental health. With just the simplicity of easy monthly payments!

This membership is a noninvasive agreement between you and our participating office. There is no worry of a third party member, no claims to fill out, and also no worries about whether your claim will be accepted or not! We can put all of your unknowns of dental insurance to rest with this membership!

The benefits of this membership are countless! It will without a doubt save you money, and you will also be fully informed of your bottom line cost before you start any type of treatment. Even if all you’ll ever need is your regular cleanings, exams, and x-rays.

Below is the amount you save on ALL procedure fees (10-25%!) Including:

  • Whitening or Electric Brush Free
  • Implant supported denture
  • Complete Implant
  • Complete Denture(upper/lower)
  • Partial Denture(upper/lower)
  • Crowns
  • Veneers
  • Root Canal
  • Deep Cleaning/Gum therapy
  • Fillings
  • Extractions

How Could You Resist the Advantages?

This is not an insurance; It’s a membership made just for you with predictable cost, which means…

  • Free whitening
  • No waiting period
  • No annual maximum
  • No claims forms, no denied claims, no stalled payments
  • No Pre-Authorizations
  • Coverage that fits YOUR needs
  • Knowing your savings before your treatments
  • No credit checks
  • Savings on cosmetic dentistry
  • No dental services are excluded

What's Included?

Preventative at 100%

  • Your regular twice a year cleanings, or regular four times a year periodontal maintenance
  • Dental exam by the doctor each year
  • Bitewing radiographs
  • Fluoride treatments


Savings on fillings, crowns, and all other procedures done in this office!

How Do I Qualify?

You can qualify quite easily! By agreeing to partner with us to help you create the savings. This is done by simply keeping an account balance of zero, and also giving our office 48 hours’ notice in the event of an appointment that has to be rescheduled.

What's the Cost?

  • Set up fee: This applies to all plans ($125 per person, $195 maximum per family), all plans include restorative Savings of 10-25%
  • Basic Preventative Plan: $545 a year (15% savings) includes 2 preventative visits, bitewing radiographs, 2 fluoride varnish treatments, 2 exams, and a discount on restorative procedures!
  • Kids Preventative Plan: $475 a year (15% savings) includes 2 preventative visits, bitewing radiographs, 2 fluoride varnish treatments, 2 exams, and a discount on restorative procedures!
  • Periodontal Plan: $779 a year (15% savings) includes 3 preventative visits, bitewing radiographs, 3 fluoride varnish treatments, 3 exams, and a discount on restorative procedures!
  • Periodontal Plan PT2: $1001 a year (15% savings) includes 4 preventative visits, bitewing radiographs, 4 fluoride varnish treatments, 4 exams, and a discount on restorative procedures!

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