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Family Dentistry in Plantsville

Family Dentistry in Southington

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Has it been six months already since the last time you ran through the house, scrambled to pile the kids into the car and made the trip to your local dentist? At Southington Dentistry, our team wants to show you our thanks for bringing your family in for their six month checkups at their local Southington dentist. When you take the time out of your day to bring your family in to see us, we’re thrilled to honor your time by helping each of your family members younger and older get the care they need to have healthy smiles. When you’re looking for a dentist to take care of your family, Dr. Neil Salesky and Dr. Michael Reisman want to welcome you to a community that cares about your health and comfort.

The Benefits of Family Dentistry

  • We see patients of all ages – At Southington Dentistry, we can offer dental care for every member of your family, from infants to seniors. This means that you don’t have to worry about driving to multiple dentists or juggling several appointments.
  • Get all-in-one care – Our goal at Southington Dentistry is to provide you with all-in-one care. We can treat almost any dental issue at our office, and we offer everything from oral exams and cleanings, fillings, crowns, and implant surgery. Furthermore, we can handle most procedures in-house without referring you to a specialist.
  • We offer kid-friendly dentistry – Dr. Salesky takes an enthusiastic, friendly approach to every pediatric appointment. Our office is kid-friendly, and we’re always happy to meet your little ones and help them learn more about how to take better care of your teeth.

What Makes A Family Dentist Different From A General Dentist?

A family dentist focuses on treating patients of all ages, while a general dentist may only focus on treating adults. Children can often be treated by general dentists, but a family dentist has additional training in pediatric care. Dr. Salesky loves working with children and having the opportunity to educate them about the importance of their oral health. Whether you have a toddler, younger child, or teen, you can rest assured that your child will receive quality care at Southington Dentistry.

The Importance Of A Dental Home

One of the biggest benefits of coming to a family dentist is that you can establish a dental home for you and your loved ones. A dental home is an office where you and your family receive most of your dental work and it’s a place where you can develop a real relationship with your dentist. Forming a doctor-patient relationship has a number of advantages. It helps Dr. Salesky learn more about the oral health of you and your family, and provide more customized patient care during every visit. Your children will also feel more comfortable at the dentist, and they will be less likely to develop dental anxiety in the future.

Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Salesky is a father of three and Dr. Reisman is a father of four, so you can believe your dentist knows very well that babies smile when they’re happy, and frown when they’re down! So when your baby starts showing signs of teething, you can count on the team at Southington Dentistry to help turn your baby’s reddened face into the giggling gentle smile you wish they could wear for a lifetime–except maybe with a few more teeth!

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From the moment your baby is old enough to earn their first tooth, to when your child is ready to meet the tooth fairy, our pediatric dentists center around educating your children on preventive tips, inspiring healthy brushing and flossing, and practicing cleanings with the gentlest touch–so your child can go home happy, healthy, and giggling about the things their funny dentists had to say!

Teen Dentistry

As a teen, going to the dentist can feel like a total drag! After all, this is the age where metal braces stretch across our class photos, moms quickly replace Halloween candy with fluoride mouthwash, and the phrases tooth decay, plaque, and root canal start to sound more than a little serious. With all these added responsibilities, how can dentistry possibly be fun? At Southington Dentistry, we make it easy to take care of your teeth without losing your cool. Our dental cleanings reach even the tough spots so your breath and smile stay looking sharp; and lastly, Mom and Dad are going to be thrilled when we can solve your small dental problems before they become a big deal. We even have Drill-less Dentistry where many cavities can be fixed without needles and drills. After you get to show off your pearly whites to your date at the prom, you’ll know we’ve got you covered.

Adults and Seniors

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Did you think we would leave out some of our favorite patients?! Whether you’ve been coming in since you had braces or are ready to make your first appointment, we’re happy you’ve chosen Southington Dentistry as your local dentist in Southington, Plantsville, Wolcott, Bristol and beyond! Dr. Salesky and Dr. Reisman know it isn’t just our little brusher and flossers that can feel anxious about their trip to the dentist.

With our dedication to pursuing cavities with drill-less dentistry, helping patients relax with sedation dentistry, need a Dental Implants or offering convenient scheduling options that make it easy to get treatment even when life is busy, we take care of the stresses of going to the dentist- all you have to worry about is how you’ll spend your time later on.

Southington Dentistry – What Makes Us Different

Beyond our focus on child-friendly family dentistry, the biggest difference between Southington Dentistry and other family dentists is our emphasis on advanced technology. From drill-less dentistry to laser treatment, 3D scanning and Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), we use the latest equipment and methods to deliver superior care to patients of all ages.

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